R.D. Offutt Company's Proud Local History

We are a family-owned and operated potato farm headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota. In the early 1960s, our founder, Ron Offutt partnered with his father to grow potatoes. In 2018, the company renamed its farming operations "R.D. Offutt Farms."

Today, Ron's daughter, Christi, is company Chair, and Ron is Chairman Emeritus, while his son-in-law, Keith McGovern, serves as President of the company.

The initial idea for R.D. Offutt Farms began when Ron saw the opportunity to produce more uniform potatoes by developing irrigation and growing in Minnesota’s sandier soils. Then, after recognizing the need for a consistent demand for his potatoes, Ron decided to enter the processing side of the business and purchased a small french fry factory.

As a family business, R.D. Offutt Farms remains driven by integrity and humility, using them as the foundation for all of its operations. Employees at all levels of the business are encouraged to make their own decisions, to find solutions for their customers, to celebrate team and individual successes and to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

Check out the video below to learn how one family member learned the business from the ground up.