Water Usage

Limiting Water Usage

Irrigated agriculture is essential in meeting the country's food production needs. Efficient irrigation systems and water management practices preserve groundwater supplies and help maintain farm profitability. While our water supply in Minnesota naturally replenishes, we understand the importance of preserving this resource. We have made significant investments so we use only what the crops need.

Custom irrigation: We rely on a constant inquiry of weather and soil data to make sure we are irrigating each field according to what it needs. Historical and current weather conditions, along with extensive soil sampling that measures soil moisture levels, help our farm managers predict water needs, then adjust irrigation hourly, daily and monthly.

Efficient equipment: Precision, center-pivot irrigation systems minimize water lost to evaporation or over-watering. This irrigation system uses drop down, low-pressure nozzles to help conserve water and power. Our irrigators are well maintained to run at optimum efficiency and monitored around-the-clock to ensure any breaks or blockages are immediately fixed.

Water regulation: R.D. Offutt Farms holds well permits from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which means we can only use the specific amount of water designated for that permit. We submit reports annually to the DNR, documenting our water usage against our permits.