R.D. Offutt Company Roadside Clean-Up Efforts Get Results

A wrench, a ballpeen hammer, and an unopened, thawed frozen pizza are just a few of the items R.D. Offutt Company team members found on Friday, April 10th when they embarked on their first annual Straight River roadside clean-up.

A team of 31 Park Rapids Farm Division employees initiated the volunteer clean-up effort to demonstrate their concern for protecting and preserving area natural resources. “These local R.D. Offutt Company teams drive past the Straight River every day. Being part of a clean-up effort is a way they can see positive results right away,” said Anne Struthers, Communications Specialist.

The Offutt volunteers covered the Straight River frontage at road intersections between Osage and Park Rapids, as well as a one-mile stretch of road heading east from the Itasca-Mantrap Electrical Co-op. A total of 64 large trash bags were filled by the group.

The idea met with enthusiastic support from the Offutt family and senior leadership. “People don’t really know just how much our people care about this community. Actions speak louder than words so these farm teams took the initiative and made it happen,” said Struthers. “We plan to make this an annual event going forward. A small group of determined people can truly make a difference.”