Ron Offutt Highlights the Contribution of Strong Partnerships to his Success

Ron Offutt, founder and chairman emeritus of R.D. Offutt Companies, recently spoke about his business success on the final day of Manitoba Potato Production Days in Brandon, Manitoba. Here is what he had to say about partnerships and the family business.

“At the time I got into potato production, the country was on the edge of tremendous growth in the french fry industry and any time you are in a sector with that kind of growth it becomes much easier to grow and grow successfully.”

“Partnerships are the reason I have been so successful. Any time I have begun a new venture I have found myself the best possible person to work with and that has made all of the difference. You can’t do everything on your own."

Offutt says he is proud of the business he has created and is also happy to see his children flourish in the enterprise.

“After all these years, we are still a family business, a family farm. My children are involved in different aspects of the business and have brought skills to the table that I have never had. They have been able to continue to evolve the business,” said Offutt.

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