Two RDO Farm Team Members join Wadena County Ag Society

Read Michael Johnson's story in the Wadena Pioneer Journal for the details.

Two members from R.D. Offutt's farm team were nominated to join the Wadena County Ag Society, an organization that oversees the county fair and events on the fairgrounds.

From the article:

An excellent suggestion from the membership was to have each nominee share a bit about why they want to get on the board. They took turns sharing their reasoning then stood before the assembly with numbers to be voted on.

Charlie Wachlin

"I think there’s a lot of places we can improve," he said. He noted that there is a lot of animosity that the board needs to overcome. “We’ve got to do something to negate that.” Wachlin is manager of the R.D.O. Wadena Potato Farms. Charlie earned a three-year term.

Jonathan Robbins

Robbins said he brings an enthusiasm to the board and is “willing to do just about anything.” Jonathan earned a two-year term.